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If you like to use comparison websites often when shopping, tescocompare.com has a special Clubcard programme for regular users. The site offers insurance and other service-related products allowing users to compare quotes from a variety of business partners.

From the layout of the homepage, tescocompare.com appears to push its car insurance products most prominently with a large car insurance banner headlining the page. The other products displayed on the homepage in different sections are:

• Home insurance
• Other insurance products – Van insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, health insurance, motorbike insurance, business insurance, pet insurance and breakdown insurance.
• Broadband, home phone & Digital TV
• Gas and electricity
• Money products – Credit cards, loans, mortgages, savings accounts and current accounts.

Specialised insurance

The tescocompare.com has a number of pages dealing with specialised home and car insurance. These pages can be useful in finding specialised quotes since most basic policies will not cover these needs. The home specialised insurance pages deal with the following topics:

• Holiday home insurance
• Landlord insurance
• Student home insurance
• Specialist construction insurance
• Business insurance
• Unoccupied property insurance
• High-risk property insurance

The specialised car insurance links are:

• Classic car cover
• 4x4 car cover
• Kit car cover
• Foreign & import car cover
• Modified car cover
• Performance & sports car cover
• Caravan & motorhome cover
• Claims & convictions insurance

Website layout

Tescocompare.com’s layout is engaging enough although the homepage lays much more stress on the car insurance products followed by home and other insurance products. The graphics used on the site are appealing and the text is very easy to read with the right combination of text and background colour.

When you click on the link to get home insurance quotes, a new window pops up requiring that you read though 11 “assumptions” and then check a confirmation box. If you do not meet all 11 assumptions, then the site recommends you search for specialist insurance instead.

There are only two pages of questions that must be completed covering your personal and cover details. Compared to some other comparison sites, this is really a quick form for getting quotes.

The site allows users to open up a personal account and save all quotes that they have found for later retrieval. Tescocompare.com features an extra level of security not found on most other comparison websites. Not only do they use SSL protocol to the encrypt form pages, but they also have an enhanced anti-phishing strategy and they offer customers free malware and anti-phishing software.

A special system allows users to distinguish between actual Tesco business emails and possible fraudulent emails. Each email will include the user’s full name, a special email template, URLs with “tescobank.com” as the domain and full security information placed at the bottom of the email.

The extra level of security is not surprising as Tesco Bank also conducts business on the same website offering direct loan and insurance products.

The website also offers some interesting news and information articles, some of which only tangentially relate to the products offered on the site. For example, here are three articles that appeared on the homepage sidebar:

• “Compare the car insurance market”
• “Top 5 tips to beat driving stress”
• “Top 10 weirdest road rules”

Other helpful onsite features are the user guides, the “jargon buster” and the tips section. For example, in the home insurance tips section, there is information on how you can possibly lower your home insurance premiums by improving security and by taking other measures to reduce risk.

Company info

As Tesco Bank runs the tescompare.com website and offers its own products on the website, one would naturally need to consider this when comparing Tesco to other providers’ products.

Tesco Bank serves about 6.5 million customers with products ranging from insurance to credit cards and personal loans. The bank has store locations in addition to offering products online and over the telephone.

The bank launched in 1997 as a joint venture between The Royal Bank of Scotland and Tesco. In 2008, Tesco acquired all the RBS shares and Tesco plc now fully owns the bank. The company seems reputable enough, but there could be some natural bias towards its own products on the site.

Tesco Bank is actively involved in the community and contributes to multiple programmes that help care for the environment, support local communities and provide consumer education. For example, Tesco aims to become a carbon neutral business by 2050 thereby helping to combat the harm caused by climate change. The company employs 492,714 internationally, so their goal definitely displays real commitment.


Tescompare.com features a nice web layout with attractive graphics and very quick and easy quote forms. The Clubcard points and Keylocator recovery service are great incentives for customers who like to shop frequently online.

As Tesco Bank offers products that compete with other companies on the site, users should be aware of the possibility of bias. However, the company has a firm reputation and there is no reason to think that the other providers would participate otherwise.

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