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Temporary car insurance

Cheap short term car insurance

If you wish to insure a car or van for a brief period then short time insurers can help you. Temporary cover is available for very short terms; daily cover starts from one single day and the cover can extend up to 28 days for any single policy. Need to be covered for longer periods? Well a short term policy cannot be extended but if you wait 15 days you after your first temp policy has ended you can take another one out for, covering the same or a different car, for another period of up to 28 days.

Buying short term vehicle insurance

Provided that you know the registration details of the vehicle you want to insure temporarily you should be able to buy an insurance policy within just a few minutes . There is a short application form to fill in then (subject of course to acceptance by the insurers) you should be presented with a quotation for a policy covering you for the number of days you wish to be insured for. If you accept the quote and pay by credit card your cover can start immediately if you wish, or on a day and time you select, up to four weeks hence, if you don't. Your insurance documents would then be made available to you by email; it isn't absolutely essential that you download these but it's highly advisable since having a copy of the cover note with you would be very useful in assuring a police officer that you were in fact insured; they are very keen on catching uninsured drivers these days and you don't want to be mistaken for one yourself!

Insuring other vehicles

Perhaps best of all - Temporary motor insurance can now be taken out, relatively cheaply, on a car or light van you own, or one that you have borrowed, making it ideal for those times when you need another vehicle in a hurry, test driving someone else's vehicle or perhaps lending your own automobile to someone else for a short while.

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