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Finding deals on UK car insurance for a woman

Car insurance for women is very much in the news now that the EEC in its wisdom has decreed that women can no longer get cheaper car insurance purely because they happen to be, well, women. Young females looking for insurance cover have found that premiums have rocketed considerably but no one seems to have considered the fact that traditionally ladies over the age of about 50 actually paid on average higher insurance premiums than men! This is because insurers believed that when women reached towards retirement age they would drive their vehicles for longer mileages than in the past, without having had the benefit of the experience that men of the same age had enjoyed (don't blame me for this nonsense ladies, I'm only the messenger)! So, to redress the insurance balance somewhat, this discrimination is now illegal too, and many grown-up females should now find their premiums falling (or at least, not rising so quickly as those of the gentleman).

However, the fact that a woman is female is only one part of the whole insurance equation! Such factors as age, driving experience, type of car to be driven, postcode, occupation etc etc etc can carry more weight with insurers than the sex of the applicant. It is still, therefore, important to shop around for prices and it isn't necessarily of any great advantage to go to websites which specialise in finding quotes for females; you might as well visit sites that find quotes for people who live in certain towns, those who drive for a certain number of miles every year, or those in particular age ranges. Each of these factors is of course important when insurers calculate their premiums, but they are not the only ones by a long shot.

So, you want to insure your car, you want a good policy but don't want to pay the earth for it, and you are female so what should you do? Frankly, you should do exactly as the men do; get as many quotations as you can, and compare not only the prices but also the benefits they give you. Yes you are a woman, but there is far more to you than just that one simple fact, particularly where car insurance is concerned.


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