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Our Privacy Policy

We are fully supportive of privacy on the Internet, something which is sadly ignored these days particularly by certain very large websites.

We do not use cookies at all on this website, but like every other site we have access to log files which tell us the IP address of visitors, the pages on our site that they have visited, the length of time they have spent on those pages. We are also provided with search terms that people have used to visit our website by the major search engines.

We will stress again that virtually every single person with a website on the Internet has access to these details. Whilst it is possible to personally identify any person who visits the site through his or her IP address the only way to do this would be by working in conjunction with that person's Internet service provider. This information is normally given out only to law enforcement personnel who possess court orders.

If you contact us by post or e-mail we will keep a record of our communications. This record will be stored upon our own computer which is protected by standard security systems. We will not divulge any communications or other details that we hold about you to any other person or business unless we are directly instructed to do so by an authoritative court of law.

Our site contains hyperlinks to other websites. If you click on one of these links you will be taken away from our site to another one which is not within our control. You should check the privacy policies of these sites individually to ensure that they are to your satisfaction.

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