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How to get the best car insurance when you're over 70

There are many different car insurance options for those who are over 70 years of age, and many of these options are quite attractive. Some of the options are mutually exclusive, while others require a degree of bundling. Some car insurance polices for those over 70 years of age are limited to those named on the policy while others may allow the policyholder to loan their vehicle to a relative to be driven around by a friend without negating coverage. This can be very important if you have to have a neighbour to drive you to the local medical centre in a hurry in the early hours of the morning if you feel unable to drive yourself.

Every policy is different from the rest, which shows the benefits of going to a specialist broker or insurance company so that you can pick the policy that best suits your own needs. As examples: most car insurance policies for the over 70s cover vandalism and theft under some conditions, but premiums are usually lower if the car is kept in a garage or at least on a home driveway at night rather than out on the road where it is most at risk. Many car insurance policies will also cover the policyholder(s) to varying degrees if they are struck by an uninsured motorist under many conditions. Some policies designed specifically for older drivers will cover multiple named drivers as well as their belongings, but there are usually limits and caps regarding personal possessions lost or damaged in a car accident. There are also car insurance policies that cover medical expenses following an accident to varying degrees, which may or may not be influenced by who was ultimately at fault.

The degree of coverage is an important factor to consider when comparing different car insurance polices. As a general rule, the greater the coverage you receive from an insurance policy of any kind, the more you should expect to pay. This is also true for those seeking car insurance regardless of their age. The more features and coverage you want, the more you will pay on average. It may be wise to shop around to find the best deal on car insurance for those over 70 because many are on a fixed income. Deciding which features and services are truly necessary and which ones are of little value is the key to choosing the right car insurance policy.

As with any other form of car insurance, those who are over 70 are subject to a complex form of risk analysis. While it is easy to point to slower reflexes and vision problems that may work against elderly drivers, there are also factors that often work in their favour as well. Most people who are older than 70 are on a fixed income and thus do not often purchase the latest and greatest cares on the market, nor do they usually opt for the fastest sports cars available. As a general rule, those who are over 70 are more statistically likely to show conservative behaviour which typically results in less claims and active drivers with no claims in recent history may be eligible for substantial discounts.


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