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How to get the best deal for car insurance when you're over 50

For the older folks, getting over 50s car insurance isn't all that difficult. Also, getting a good rate of car insurance for this age bracket isn't too difficult. Most of the accident-prone drivers are the young ones, and by the time we are over 50, we tend to be more mature in our driving habits.

Some car insurance companies actually specialise in over 50s car insurance. They consider the over 50s driver to be a lesser risk than the young ones, so this can reduce the premium. If you have a stellar driving record, this could lower your premium even more. There has been research regarding the ages of drivers, and the over 50s bracket is regarded as a low-risk group. This is accepted by most car insurance companies.

Insurers have also noticed that with advanced medical care over the past several years, people are not only living longer, they are also driving longer. The over 50s group is not as 'old' as it used to be! It has also been shown that at least 30% of UK's workers are over 50 and are driving to work every day without accidents. Car insurance companies want to sell insurance to low-risk customers, and they can afford to sell cheaper policies to the over 50s because, compared to younger drivers, they very seldom have a claim.

There are also more car insurance policies purchased online by the over 50s. There are much more purchased this way than in the past, because over 50s are also getting more computer savvy. The car insurance companies benefit greatly by this and the sales go through much faster.

This over 50s groups was usually called the grey pound, but not now, being that age is no longer considered old and grey. With people in their 50s being more active in work and in social lives, and more cognitive, it is an age group that will purchase this special car insurance.


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