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Onequote Direct is an insurance broker located in the UK and was formed for the sole purpose of making the processes of obtaining insurance quotes and buying insurance policies simpler for customers. The company gathers insurance information from over 100 different companies and provides consumers with rates based on the information they supply. Onequote Direct offers insurance for cars, vans, homes, caravans and motorcycles.

Contact Details

Onequote Direct provides numerous ways to contact them. If you are looking to receive a quote, you may call 0844 800 3695; if you need to renew your policy, call 0844 800 3692; should you require additional customer service, you should dial 0844 800 3694 or send them an email at Additionally, as well as providing a mailing address where they can be reached, Onequote Direct uses a specific line for caravan claims, 0844 856 2043. All other claims must be filed at 0844 800 3693. Their Financial Services Authority number is 309794 under Europa Group Limited.

Website Overview

Onequote Direct lays their website out in a peculiar manner. While there are categories down the left side of the page, there are the same headings across the top of the page that provide the same information. While it may allow the consumer to access their policy information easier if they offer two different sections from which to choose, the sections themselves may have been put to better use by providing new or other relevant information instead of repeating the same words.

However, it is nice for the consumer that Onequote Direct shows the subcategories within each insurance section. However, they appear to only offer multiple policies under the caravan and car insurance categories; home, van and bike insurance seem to be fairly basic.

If you are shopping for insurance for an LPG car, the application is extremely short. All you have to provide is your name, date of birth, occupation, licence type and the number of years you have held the licence. Additionally, Onequote Direct asks for your contact details, vehicle specifications and security, as well as the amount of cover needed.

Additionally, Onequote Direct offers cover for ladies who are driving a second car in their family. Typically, the main car within a family is a company car or it belongs to a male. However, Onequote Direct recognises that females also drive regularly and offers up to a 60 percent introductory no claims bonus to help female drivers. Similarly, they also give ladies the option to purchase cover for sports cars and convertible cars because, typically, ladies have a lower risk than men of becoming involved in an accident in one of these vehicles. Onequote Direct also offers 4x4 car insurance and cover for diesel vehicles.

Once you have decided to obtain a quote from Onequote Direct, you may find it helpful to have every piece of relevant information available to you immediately so that you do not have to come back and complete the application at a later time. The application is extensive with Onequote Direct asking you to provide personal details such as your name, date of birth, phone number, email address, gender and marital status. They also ask you about your main employment status, if you have had any motoring convictions or DVLA reportable medical conditions or disabilities, or if you are a member of a motoring organisation. Additionally, you must also know the type of cover you need and when you would like it to start, as well as your estimated annual mileage.

Onequote Direct asks you to state whether or not you have been convicted of any motoring offences or been disqualified from driving within the last five years. You must also know the number of accidents, damage, fire or theft you have encountered within the last five years.

The last part of the application asks you about your vehicle. It is helpful to know the registration number but if you do not, Onequote Direct allows you to search for your type of car using their online system instead. You must tell Onequote Direct where you plan to keep the car, the number of seats your vehicle has, whether or not you purchased the car yet and who the owner of the car is or will be, among other details. Additionally, you should know if your car is fitted with an alarm, an immobiliser or a tracking device. Once you complete all of the required information, Onequote Direct retrieves several quotes for you based on the information you have provided. However, once you have received a quote, you may come back at a later time and retrieve the same quote, but only if your original quote was for a home or a van insurance policy.

Although Onequote Direct provides numerous ways to contact them, if you have any questions that you would like answered immediately, there is no Frequently Asked Questions section to be found. They do, however, have an entire category devoted to news articles, but that does not help the consumer who is searching for an answer to a question as the news articles pertain only to caravan insurance. Onequote Direct could reach a broader range of potential customers by providing information about the other types of policies they offer such as pieces about vans, cars, homes or bikes and not just caravans.

Consumers may also find it to be more helpful if Onequote Direct outlined their policies on their website. Their advert states that they offer free foreign use cover, a legal expenses cover and a protected no claims bonus, yet there is no solid information to be found regarding the validity of these statements for car insurance. In fact, the only category they truly investigate in detail is their caravan insurance policy; they provide cover prices and ranges for this type of insurance but not for the rest. It would be helpful if they filled out their website more completely and provided detail information about the car, home, van and bike insurance policies as well.  

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