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Liverpool Victoria began as a friendly society, a mutual organization devoted to pensions, insurance or loan- and savings-like purposes. Friendly societies date as far back as the Roman times and were associations formed of a people who work together for a common financial purpose, originally providing ways to pay for funeral expenses. This led to the development of “penny policies,” or whole life insurance policies, that people could use to insure lives for just one penny per week. The society would then pay for the policyholder’s funeral.

Specifically, Liverpool Victoria’s friendly society began in Liverpool on the same streets that Charles Dickens used as the inspiration for his books. Liverpool Victoria acquired other burial societies and mutuals, and quickly grew into one of the largest friendly societies today. They work with various trade associations including the Association of Financial Mutuals, the Association of British Insurers and the Association of Mutual Insurers and Insurance Cooperatives in Europe.

Contact Details

For any insurance-related questions or concerns, you may contact Liverpool Victoria using an email form directly on their website or by using a live chat feature available online. For customer service, call 0845 640 5266. To file claim 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, call 0845 640 5640.

Website Overview

Liverpool Victoria’s website is extremely comprehensive. In fact, if you do not understand any of the terms or words that are on the site itself, Liverpool Victoria allows the consumer the option to “turn on” their glossary, and the site will highlight specific phrases and key terms for the consumer to click and review. They offer both car insurance and home insurance policies, as well as cover for travel, pets, life and breakdown.

Along with their regular policies, a consumer may decide to purchase additional cover for an extra premium. Liverpool Victoria offers a motor legal expenses cover to help pay for legal costs that may arise as a result of an accident. Liverpool Victoria also allows you to guarantee your No Claims discount after four years of being claim-free. A consumer may also purchase European car insurance cover that will protect you should you travel in the UK, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland. Courtesy car cover, additional personal accident cover and road rescue breakdown cover are also available for an extra fee.

If you are interested in reviewing Liverpool Victoria’s car insurance policies, they provide a complete document of 22 pages that outlines their policies and what they cover under specific situations. Additionally, a motor legal policy document and a road rescue document of insurance are available for your viewing. If you require your documents to be in a special form such as Braille, audiotape or large print, they are available from Liverpool Victoria and can be ordered over the phone.

There are certain eligibility requirements that a consumer must meet before applying for a car insurance quote, and Liverpool Victoria states them clearly on the first page on the car insurance website. This is extremely helpful for consumers as they can review this information prior to completing an application. If consumers do not meet one or more requirements, then they need not waste time retrieving a quote from the company.

Once you have confirmed that you are eligible to retrieve a quote, you may begin the application by providing your name, contact details, date of birth and occupation. You must also state how long you have lived in the UK, what type of driving licence you currently possess and how long you have held it. It is vital that you provide Liverpool Victoria with accurate information, particularly when asked to state how many accidents you have had and whether or not you have had any motoring convictions.

The first page of car details is quite simple, and only asks you to provide specific information about the make, model, fuel type, and transmission. The second page is also extremely easy to complete, as Liverpool Victoria asks you to provide the market value of your car, as well as the annual mileage and the use of the car. You should know where you are keeping the vehicle and who the legal owner and registered keeper of the car is. Liverpool Victoria also asks you to provide information about the security of the car, such as whether or not it is quipped with a monitored functioning tracker device, and alarm or an immobiliser.

The application itself can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on what information you have available. It is always best to gather all pieces of pertinent information about your needs and your vehicle before you sit down to complete a quote.

Liverpool Victoria appears to be quite active on the social media platform. On their website, you may find links to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as a link to all of their adverts on YouTube.

The Frequently Asked Questions section is located directly on their car insurance homepage and addresses concerns such as how to make a claim, how to avoid a claim and if the company is able to meet the consumer’s specific needs. They provide a link to a complete FAQ section, as well as an extremely useful tips and hints section that provides information on how to protect your car against common dangers. Additionally, they feature many articles that can help the consumer to better understand car insurance policies in general. For instance, Liverpool Victoria has an excellent article about fighting insurance fraud and what steps Liverpool Victoria is taking to protect themselves against fraud.

There is a “Fun and Games” section where you can take a Streetwise Danger Detective quiz or play online games including Drop Kick Hero, Heartsville, Super Spin, Rugby Challenge, Shape Trace and Santa Skittles. Most car insurance companies stick to providing you with solid, concrete information on their websites and, while Liverpool Victoria’s website does include excellent information, they take it one step further and allow you to play games as well.  

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