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n November 2007, two gentlemen, Matt Munro and Tom Cooper, formed iGO4 Limited with 40 years of combined experience in the insurance industry. The company has three consumer brands: iGO4 More, iGO4 Insurance and iGO4 Essentials. These approaches to car and home insurance allow the consumer to compare prices between the three brands before purchasing a policy. iGO4 offers insurance for both vehicles and homes.

Contact Details

iGO4 Limited can be contacted by postal mail at Olympus House, Staniland Way, Peterborough, Pe4 6NA. They have also stated their business hours clearly for the consumer and offer three different email address should a customer need to contact them. If you have a question about your policy, you may email them at customerservice@igo4.com. If you have a general question regarding iGO4’s products, send an email to info@igo4.com. Additionally, if you need to provide proof of your no claims discount or a copy of your driving licence, they ask that you get in touch with them at contact@igo4.com.

iGO4 Limited has four separate phone numbers that you may dial depending on your needs. If you would like to receive a new insurance quote, dial 0800 783 6040. For existing insurance customers, website sales and support or to reach the customer helpline, contact them at 0844 800 8538. If you wish to renew your policy, call 0844 800 8539. Should you need to make a claim regarding your motor windscreen or your car or home, dial 0800 008 6709. iGO4 boasts a claims line that is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week so that consumers may make a claim at any time. iGO4 Limited’s Financial Services Authority number is 536726.

Website Overview

iGO4 Limited features a standard website that clearly indicates separate sections for both car and home insurance policies. Additionally, if customers already have existing policies with the company, they may register their account and login directly on the website to quote for a change in their policy, make a change to their existing policy, renew their policy and view their policy documents and instalment plans.

After consumers choose to find more information about iGO4’s car insurance policies, they are directed to a page that discusses the policy in more detail. iGO4 claims that their car insurance policy features a choice of third party fire and theft cover or comprehensive cover, as well as an automatic extension of cover that includes most of continental Europe for a period of up to 90 days.

Additionally, customers may purchase extra options such as motor legal protection and premium motor legal protection. Motor legal protection provides compensation for medical expenses and personal injury, reimburses you for travel costs and lost wages, may provide you with a replacement vehicle and return any excess that you may be required to pay. Motor legal protection offers 50,000 in legal cover and also covers third party fire and theft policies and provides payment for you should you need to repair your vehicle. Optional breakdown cover is provided by the RAC. Premium motor legal protection includes all of the benefits of the regular motor legal protection policy as well as a hire car for 14 days if your car is stolen or unable to be driven after an accident and an additional identity theft cover.

Once you have decided to obtain a quote and head to the correct page on the website, you will find that iGO4 suggests that you have certain information available before completing the quote application to save yourself time. You will need to know the full details of the model and make of your vehicle, the year your car was registered and not just the registration letter itself, the date of birth of all drivers who will be covered under the policy and the exact dates for any convictions or accidents of all drivers.

If you have all of the information on hand, you may proceed to the next page where you must read nine statements before beginning your application. You should read the statements carefully and confirm that they are all true; if one or more statements does not accurately describe you, your situation or any other driver who will be on your policy or if you do not fully understand a statement, do not complete the online quote application and call iGO4’s car insurance quote line instead.

Unlike other car insurance quote applications, iGO4’s process begins by asking details about the car and the use of the vehicle before you can enter your personal information. This is where it is helpful to know exactly what type of car you have and what, if any, security equipment is installed in it. You are also asked when the car was purchased, how many seats it has and its estimated market value. It may be beneficial to discuss the use of the car with other drivers who may be on the policy before beginning the application as well. You should also have an idea of how much coverage you need and when you would like it to begin, the total annual mileage and how much voluntary excess you would like to have on the policy.

After you complete the car details section, you are then asked to provide your personal details including your name, contact information, marital status, type of driving licence, employment status and if you drive any other cars. iGO4 gives you the option to add other drivers and must state if you or any other driver on the policy has had any motoring convictions or suffered any losses or claims within the last five years. Overall, the application is extremely easy to complete, and it should not take a prepared consumer more than five to 10 minutes to retrieve a quote.

Consumers should have no difficulty finding iGO4’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, a part of the website the company has devoted to answering questions customers may have about iGO4’s general policies. However, the FAQs section is quite sparse and consumers may find that they have additional questions that have not been answered on the site. For example, you may find answers to your questions if they concern documents, reaching customer service, logging into the portal or earning a no claims discount abroad, but you will not find answers about iGO4’s products or specific policies.

PLEASE NOTE that the above information was correct to the best of our knowledge at the time the article was written or edited in November 2011. If you know of any changes or inaccuracies we would be grateful if you would contact us so that we can make any necessary alterations.


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