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GoCompare.Com - An Independent Review is a comparison website primarily for insurance products but also covering a number of utility, money, travel and business products. The site can retrieve quotes from a large number of insurance companies.

Like other comparison websites, requires users to fill out an online form with the entered information used to find the best matched insurance quotes. The form may seem like a bother as it has several layers asking for, for example, for home insurance details on your property, building, contents and the desired types of cover. However, these details will help in effectively narrowing down your quote list.

Insurance products

Site users will find the following insurance products offered for comparison on

• Home insurance
• Car insurance
• Van insurance
• Motorbike insurance
• Caravan insurance
• Breakdown cover
• Life insurance
• Pet insurance
• Travel insurance
• Health insurance
• Income protection
• Tenant’s insurance
• Landlord insurance
• Student contents insurance
• Holiday home insurance
• Gadget insurance
• Business insurance
• Mortgage protection

The selection for home and car insurance companies is broad enough and most users should be able to find an adequate plan after completing the online form.

Other products also allows users to compare the following non-insurance products:

• Money products – Credit cards, personal and secured loans, mortgages, savings and ISAs, current accounts, prepaid cards and credit report centres.
• Utilities and communication products – Gas and electricity (home and business), broadband Internet and mobile phones.
• Travel products – Flights, airport parking, hotels, cruises, car hire, holidays and travel prepaid cards.

Useful guides

For each type of product offered, offers product guides to help users make informed choices when comparing deals. For example, the home insurance guide thoroughly explains the various aspects of this field with details important for consumers. The guide has multiple sections covering the following topics:

• Home insurance basics
• Pricing and risks
• Policy exclusions
• What to consider when buying home insurance
• Home insurance and flooding
• Tips for low cost home insurance

Site design and usability

The has a clean design with the different sections clearly set apart and easy to scan. The site uses bullets points effectively with text kept to a minimum without sacrificing clarity.

Users should be able to quickly find what they are looking for on and the site lives up to its promise of saving users time. On the homepage, there are panels displaying special offers and prizes offered by the partner insurance companies. utilizes secure encrypted pages for their online forms to protect user privacy. While the forms are a bit cumbersome, they quickly retrieve quotes once completed. The site also offers a very convenient service that allows you to store quotes for retrieval later on. If you use this latter option, you must choose a password to protect your information.

Among the claims found on the site is that it will save users money and that it does not have any bias toward specific companies. One page on the site features customer testimonials and in each example, the customer claims to save money with and usually gives the specific amount saved.

The site FAQ design is great, but it could offer more information on the wide variety of products offered. Most of the information covers only home, car and van insurance although these sections have plenty of useful details. At the very least, the FAQ should link to other pages on the site that are loaded with information on just about every aspect of’s service.

There are pages dealing with site privacy, site security, partners and even a press office page. The contact page offers email addresses and a postal mail address, but no live chat or phone numbers. Users may contact the site only during office hours from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

The press office page is a nice feature that includes the company’s television advertisement with opera singer Gio Compano along with a number of useful articles that users can sort by date, popularity and by keyword tags.

About the company

The “About Us” page on the site provides some history about The company started business in November 2006, so by Internet standards it is not a newcomer. The site is independently owned and it makes its money by charging a fee to partner companies for each sale. However, they claim not to favour any of their partners, which could create a bias not in the best interests of consumers. has received recognition including the honour of becoming the first price comparison site invited to join the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) in May 2008. The 2008 Fast Growth Business Awards included on its 'One to Watch' list for businesses that had displayed outstanding promise over the last five years.

Hayley Parsons, founder and Chief Executive of, won the Woman in Business Award in the Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2009. Hayley had previously won The Welsh Woman in Innovation Award 2008.

In September 2009, received the coveted Investors in People (IIP) award for beset practices leading toward superior employee development.

The company is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and is a limited company registered in England and Wales.

A good site to compare many products

Although focused on home, car and other insurance products, is also a convenient site to compare a wide variety of offers ranging from mobile phones to special holiday packages.

Web design is outstanding and it should save users time and energy in finding just the right quotes. The site offers much useful information including the well designed user guides and pages covering every aspect of the onsite services offered.

If you are looking for a one-stop online destination that covers most service-related comparison shopping, then you may wish to give a test run.

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