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How females can find better car insurance

Lavish advertising campaigns tell us that we women are far better drivers than men so our insurance premiums would be much lower, if only our European Masters would allow it. Is this true though? Many younger female drivers have just as many, and sometimes more accidents than male ones (who, let's face it, tend to represent the highest possible risk to car insurers) but these tend to be more minor bumps at lower speeds so although most insurance companies avoid younger male drivers in the same way that most of us would avoid a plague female ones are looked upon in a slightly less jaundiced manner than their male counterparts. Over the age of about 25 there is really very little difference in accident rates between men and women; over 65 years of age they are actually higher; but, much more importantly, the fact that a driver is male or female is only one of many things that are taken into consideration when an insurer is calculating the premium for a car policy and factors such as your postcode, age, occupation, how much voluntary excess you will accept etc can be far more important than whether you wear trousers or skirts! The advertising industry has never allowed the truth to stand in front of a good marketing campaign however, and a whole industry has grown up of insurance companies and brokers who claim to specialise exclusively in the female market. Many of these are of course first-class companies with excellent products to sell, but whether or not they have the best or cheapest product for women is extremely debatable.

There is always a danger that people are seduced by expensive adverts into buying an insurance policy for all the wrong reasons. There is probably nothing wrong with giving away free powder puffs, offering insurance for the contents of our handbags, making pink the main colour of a website, etc etc but none of these mean that you will automatically get a better policy at a lower price than you would from a well-known, long established company with an excellent track record for actually paying out on claims. There is no point in getting a discount for being female if there is another company which will give you an even bigger discount for living in a more favoured postcode region, or being over a certain age, or having had a good accident free driving record.

One of the best ways of finding not only the lowest priced policy but also the one gives you the cover you want is to use a good comparison website; one which not only gives you comparative quotes from a very large number of top insurers but also allows you to experiment with factors that you can control which can make a huge difference to your premiums, such as the maximum mileage you intend to cover, the amount that you are prepared to pay out of your own pocket towards the cost of each accident (this can make a huge difference to premiums) and whether or not to cover optional extras such as courtesy cars and legal assistance.


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