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Based in Birmingham, Express Insurance Services Limited has more than thirty years experience in the industry and has established itself as one of the largest independent providers in the UK. Kwik-Fit Financial Services, based in Glasgow, Scotland, acquired Express Insurance in June 2007. Following this acquisition, Express Insurance continued to grow and three years later, in August 2010, Kwik-Fit was bought out by Ageas (UK) Limited and transformed into a wholly-owned subsidiary. Currently, the Express Insurance call centre works to provide customers with the best quotes to match their budget and needs.

Contact Details

Consumers may find contact details for Express Insurance under the "Help & Support" tab at the top of the homepage. The contact information is very well written and clear so that the consumer should have no difficulty finding the phone number or email address they need. The have specific lines and email addresses for inquiries pertaining to car insurance, motorcycle insurance and van insurance.

To get a quote or purchase a new policy, you may do so online, by calling 0800 197 7081 or by email at If you wish to renew your policy, call 0800 197 7086 or send them an email at You may speak with a customer service advisor by calling 0800 197 7089 or by emailing Should you wish to make an adjustment to your personal information, insure an additional driver on your policy or change your vehicle, call 0800 197 7087 or contact them at to do so.

To contact the main office, send a letter to Express Insurance House, 22 Old Walsall Road, Hamstead, Birmingham, B42 1D. Express Insurance also provides directions should you wish to visit the office in person.

Express Insurance features a free claims line that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may also make a payment, change your bank details or ask questions pertaining to your existing policy by calling 0870 243 0026. Additionally, if you wish to increase your protection, send Expres Insurance's Additional Protection team an email at If you have any other concerns, Express Insurance requests that you contact them at

If you have a complaint, Express Insurance requests that you follow the Customer Complaints Procedure to make sure that the company addresses your concerns and resolves them quickly and to your satisfaction. However, when you attempt to view the procedure on the website, the link itself is broken, so you may need to call the company to have your questions answered. Express Insurance Services Limited operates under the Financial Services Authority Register number 311354.

Website Overview

Express Insurance offers car, bike and van insurance, as well as official Norton insurance and prestige insurance. Additionally, you may buy an insurance policy for your Suzuki, scooter or classic car. Express Insurance consults with over 20 car insurance providers located in the UK to give customers a range of quotes depending on the information they provide. The website provides clear links so that consumers may view Express Insurance's terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Almost all of the policies quoted by Express Insurance offer immediate cover for your vehicle, a no claims discount for your policy and potential access to courtesy cars. Additionally, consumers can choose to add optional extras including legal assistance, key protection, excess protection, replacement vehicle cover for cars and vans, personal accident cover for cars and vans, personal accident cover for bikes, breakdown cover and leather and helmet cover.

Consumers may also purchase specific types of car insurance including cover for student cars, 4x4s, BMWs, private cars, low cost cars, sports cars, Land Rovers, Vauxhalls, Audis and Fords. Insurance is available for new drivers or for those who are at a higher risk than the average driver in the UK.

If you have already submitted an application for a quote, Express Insurance allows you to retrieve it without reapplying and entering the same information twice. To get a new quote, you must first enter your personal and contact details, as well as when you would like the cover to start. You are then asked to provide information about your licence, occupation, estimated annual mileage and how you plan to use the vehicle. It is best to be completely honest on your application, particularly when Express Insurance asks you if you have had any accidents, losses or convictions in the last five years or disqualifications in the last 10 years. Additionally, the insurance company will need to know if you have had any non-motoring convictions or if you or another driver on your policy has been refused insurance at any point in time in the past.

It is also important that you know all of the details surrounding your vehicle including the purchase date, estimated value, type of cover required, where you will store the vehicle overnight, the amount of voluntary excess you need and how many years of no claims benefits you currently have. Additionally, you should have security information available pertaining to your vehicle such as if it features alarms, immobilisers and tracking devices. Express Insurance asks for the name of the company who fitted and manufactured the devices. The entire quote process should take no more than 10 minutes for consumers who have the correct information readily available.

Express Insurance explicitly states that they will charge a policy arrangement fee of 100 that will be applied to new policies. Consumers should be aware that this fee is not included in the premium or taxes. There may also be additional charges regarding the administration of your insurance policy but Express Insurance maintains that all fees and owed monies will be described prior to the purchase of a policy.

The website features a section called "Express Zone" in which consumers will find information and related articles pertaining to bikes, races and routes. For customers interested in this type of motoring, the section may provide interesting facts and news about bikes.

Express Insurance appears to be active on the social media platform and provides a link for consumers to "Like" the company on Facebook. There are also options to follow the company on Twitter and YouTube. Additionally, there is a media centre directly on the homepage in which consumers may find the latest news pertaining to insurance and Express Insurance itself.

It would be easier for consumers if Express Insurance added a direct link to their Frequently Asked Questions section on their homepage instead of making customers search for it. Fortunately, it was located under the "Help & Support" tab, but it may bode well for the company to place a noticeable link somewhere else on the main site. The section itself covers only six questions pertaining to car insurance but the page itself also covers questions about bikes, vans, documents, making changes to policies and renewing policies.

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