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Finding the Best Cheap Policy

If you need the cheapest, or at least cheap, car insurance (yes, you need to look at!), then price comparison engines can be a handy tool for finding the best current pricing for car  insurance cover so by using some of the major ones you could find not only the cheapest policy to suit your own unique requirements but also the best value for money one, too. They are not all born equal however; the cheapest cover is not always the best bargain and they often give different results from each other so you may feel it's a good idea to compare the comparison sites! After all it doesn't take long and it could save you a lot of money.

A few tips about Insurance comparison sites:

1) You should always enter absolutely correct information. If you are tempted to vary important factors such as your age, driving experience, postcode etc in order to see what effect these have on premiums you may trip a fraud filter and find yourself blacklisted and unable to proceed any further. Furthermore, if you do buy a policy the premium will be calculated on the details you give them and if these are incorrect this could well render your insurance cover null and void. Checks are usually made by insurers and they are likely to ask for proof of such factors as age or no claims discount entitlement after they have taken your money; in a worst case scenario they could do this after you have submitted a claim.

2) Take a careful look at other cost factors apart from the basic price of the policy. A number of insurers have taken to increasing charges for making alterations to policies; sometimes it can cost in excess of £100 just to register a change an address, a new occupation, a different car. This could be over and above any increase they may make in the policy price as a result of these changes too! All these should be clearly spelt out in the  documentation, but sadly very few people bother to read about them.

3) Bearing in mind the above points, don't be tempted to keep quiet if your personal details change. You may feel that it is irrelevant that you have moved to another home with a different postcode, fitted a new 'high performance' exhaust system or started parking your car on the roadway instead of on your drive, as you stated on the proposal form; but these are all excuses that insurers can use to refuse a claim.

4) Don't agree to an automatic renewal of your policy when it falls due; a number of insurers will try this one on! A lot of them give substantial discounts to new customers only to shove up the premium substantially a year later. Keep all your options open, there may be a much better offer available elsewhere next year.

5) Take reasonable care of your car. If you leave it unlocked at a petrol station whilst you pay the cashier, leave the keys on a table by an open window, park it in a neighbourhood where vandalism is known to be rife, you might have a battle getting paid if you need to make a claim.

6) Most important of all, remember that you generally get what you pay for. It is no coincidence that the insurance companies that attract the most complaints are almost invariably the cheapest ones. At least, they are cheapest initially!

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