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A history of„’

Admiral Insurance, founded in 1993, provides a wide range of insurance products while maintaining their strategic mission within the marketplace. Known originally as a car insurer, the company now offers life insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, motorbike insurance, van insurance, pet insurance, and car warranties. Despite this diversification, the company looks to maintain the ideals that have always made them a leader in the car insurance category.

The Admiral Car Insurance Mission

Unlike many major insurance companies, Admiral does not simply target drivers that have been historically classified as safe. Rather, Admiral wanted to find those drivers that have traditionally been forced to pay the highest premiums and offer them a superior alternative. Some of the drivers in the group of high-premium payers include young drivers, those who reside in various hight-risk cities, and the drivers of performance cars. Often the customers Admiral serves fall in to more than one of these classifications. The mission of Admiral and its affiliates is to provide these drivers with cost savings without sacrificing quality.

In the other areas of insurance that Admiral cover, the company seeks to promote the same mission. Finding homeowners and van or motorbike owners, for example, that are typically overcharged and underserved, the company seeks to be an alternative provider. The company has achieved its current level of success by providing a similar or better product and a more competitive price.

Major Product Offerings

MultiCar Insurance ?€“ Admiral differentiates itself from other carriers by allowing its customers to place multiple cars on the same policy. This is different than the traditional method of offering a discount simply for insuring a second car on a second policy. By using the Admiral approach, an entire household can benefit. As long as the multiple vehicles to be insured are registered at the same address, there are no limitations on the relationship between the owners. Those taking advantage of this offering range from spouses, to house mates, to single individuals who own multiple vehicles.

Home Insurance ?€“ Recognizing the importance of one's home, Admiral provides multiple options for home insurance. Product offerings include buildings insurance, contents insurance, or combination insurance to cover both buildings and contents. The company understands that nobody plans to exercise their home insurance policy, but that in the event that they do, it must simply work properly. At this time in one's life, the inconvenience of a difficult insurer is the last thing that one needs added to already difficult circumstances.

Travel Insurance ?€“ Admiral's travel insurance products are designed for individuals who wish to protect themselves against possible mishaps they may occur away from home. Covered activities include scuba diving, skiing, and other intense activities that may result in serious injury. This product has multiple options for coverage as well, including: annual travel insurance, single trip insurance, wintersport insurance, golf travel insurance, cruise insurance and backpacker insurance. Understanding that the needs of every individual are different, and in keeping with its mission to help customers manage cost, Admiral offers these options to ensure that one gets specifically the coverage that is most appropriate. Each of these travel insurance based products gives the insured the peace of mind of 24 hour access to emergency care, and high-level coverage for both medical expenses and personal accidents.

Pet Insurance ?€“ For most, a pet is another member of the family whose care should not be sacrificed. Admiral understands, however the vet bills can mount quickly if one is not adequately protected. This can force difficult decisions between managing the price of treatment relative to managing the care of a sick or injured pet. To eliminate this dilemma, Admiral offers three levels of pet coverage that can allow a pet owner to focus on the health of his or her pet. Each level includes coverage of a set amount of vet bills, cover against the accidental death of one's pet, public liability coverage, and access to Vetfone (an advice line staffed by veterinary nurses). Higher levels of services increase the amounts of each of these benefits and add cover against stolen or lost pets.

Motorbike / Van Insurance ?€“ The needs of those who ride motorbikes or drive vans are different from those of other drivers. This is another group that has been traditionally been overcharged for basic coverage and that has been identified by Admiral as falling within their target customer group. Motorbike insurance is offered at three levels: third party only, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive. Van insurance is available at multiple levels as well: courier insurance, small van insurance, and transit van insurance ?€“ each is suitable commercial coverage for one's specific needs. Understanding that the needs of these drivers are unique, Admiral strives to meet their individual needs.

Car Warranty ?€“ The car is one of the most significant investments that you make, and is often responsible for a significant portion of your income. With the escalating costs of maintenance, and the rising rates being charged by competent garages, taking steps to manage these expenses is a sensible precaution. This shift has made having a comprehensive car warranty closer to a need than a sound judgment. Once you purchase a car warranty, if your car breaks down because of the malfunctioning of any covered part ?€“ mechanical or electric ?€“the warranty will cover the cost. This coverage includes the labour costs of making the repairs as well.

Overall, Admiral has worked hard over its nearly twenty-year history to provide excellent products and services to its customers. Having identified that a large segment of the population was routinely paying heightened premiums, in excess of what was necessary, Admiral and its affiliates have created products to help consumers manage these costs. At a time of economic uncertainty, when managing costs has never been more important, making sound decisions as to vital service providers is critical. Choosing Admiral gives you access to an established enterprise that has honed its expertise in comprehensive coverage options. Before making any final choices on an insurer, Admiral should be included in a consideration based on multiple criteria, each of significant importance.


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