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Insuring a car for just a single day

Car insurance for just one single day is now a regular purchase for many thousands of UK drivers and temporary insurance is very easy to buy for most motorists since it is available online at any time of day or night. You can buy a policy for any daily period you wish, from one day up to 28 days, provided that you meet the insurance company's criteria, and are aged between 18 and 75. The proposal form is very short and you could get a quote within as little time as a minute or so, and the car you insure could be one that you have borrowed, or one that you own yourself. The insurance company has a database of vehicles which it will accept and it includes most of the fairly modern cars on British roads, although grey imports would not be acceptable.

When you buy a short term car insurance policy you have the option of starting the insurance off immediately, or the commencement date can be delayed to another date and time within the following four weeks. This means that this type of temporary insurance can be used for emergency situations, such as a day when you have an accident or a vehicle breakdown, as well as a pre-planned occasion, such as lending your car to visiting relatives, or borrowing a car from a friend for a holiday, a planned service of your own vehicle, sharing driving on a long trip, etc.

When you have bought a single day policy the documentation, including the insurance certificate, is sent to you shortly by email and it is always a good idea to print this out and carry it with you; you may only be driving for one single day but it could be an unfamiliar vehicle and if you were stopped by the police for some reason - or, heaven forbid, had an accident; it would be very reassuring to have evidence that you were not an uninsured driver!

Being able to buy car insurance for just one single day, with the subsequent freedom to legally drive almost any car you wish, is a really useful facility, so why not bookmark this site now.

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